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Training as a CGN captain

From boatman to Captain!


Employees who are taken on with a trade of use to the company are given two weeks' induction training before joining the crew.
Regardless of their trade, all employees at the dockyard then sail for one year as a boatman, and conclude this period with an examination to become a ticket inspector, 2nd class.
After one or two years in this position, ticket inspectors may take an examination to become ticket inspector, 1st class (sub-helmsman), and then helmsman after a further period of the same duration and an internal examination.
The OFT (Federal Transport Office) offers examinations for pilots, then captains, and lastly steam ship captains.
Ten to 12 years of sailing are required before reaching the position of captain.
The captain has overall responsibility for ensuring that his or her vessel is operating correctly, including equipment, crew, safety, restaurant, etc. Each vessel must be placed under the authority of a captain.

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