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The helmsman is the captain's second-in-command, who perfects his or her navigating skills under the captain's watchful eye . He or she also participates in inland water shipping activities.

Ticket inspector - Sub-helmsman
Inland water shipping activities, checking of tickets, learning to operate the vessel (routes to follow, manoeuvres).

Inland water shipping activities (ropes, mooring the vessel at jetties, cleaning, etc.), checking of tickets.

Responsible for selling and checking tickets on board. He or she also participates in inland water shipping activities.

Responsible for on-board machinery and technical equipment. On diesel-engined vessels, he or she also participates in inland water shipping tasks while the vessel is under way.

On steam ships only. Assists the mechanic, with responsibility for lubricating the machinery, monitoring boilers, etc.

A land-based “species” , responsible for guiding and advising passengers on the jetties and welcoming arriving vessels. This position now exists only at the larger locations. Etymology: The French term is derived from the verb "radeler", meaning to transport by raft, hence to "draw alongside the steam ship in a flat-bottomed boat called a 'bateau radeleur' to carry passengers and goods when they cannot be taken directly onto the jetty because the water level is too high or too low" (translation of the French definition in Pierreh, 1926), which gave rise to the Swiss French term "radeleur" for the person who moors and unmoors a steam ship.

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