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Where to find cruise suggestions leaving from each city?
We offer several suggestions under the "Recreation ideas" tab. From this page, you can select a departure city as well as the season.

Do Belle Epoque fleet sail all year round?
Belle Epoque steam boats, "la Suisse" and "Savoie" sail from mid-April to mid-October. As for the "Simplon", "Rhone" and "Montreux" boats, they sail from mid-June to early September. However, the Belle Epoque diesel boat "Vevey" sails all year. Check out their assignments under "Belle Epoque Fleet" tab.

How long before the ship's departure and should we be at the pier?
We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes before the departure of the ship.



Is it mandatory to book a table?
For our gourmet cruises, it is not necessary to make a reservation but in order to guarantee a table, we strongly recommend that you contact us by email at info@cgn.ch, by telephone using this number: +41 (0) 900 929 929 (CHF 0.50/min.). or by buying your online ticket and stating that you wish to eat. However, it is mandatory to book a table on our "Festival de Fondues" themed cruises that takes place every Friday night.

Is it possible to know the dining options in advance?
Yes, the dining options are posted on the pages of each gourmet cruise. If you wish to receive them, please contact us by email at info@cgn.ch or by phone using this number: +41 (0) 900 929 929 (CHF 0.50/min.).



What are the differences between 1st and 2nd class?
The first class is more comfortable and has more space and allows access to all parts of the boat such as the upper decks.

At what age must children pay?
Children pay half price their transport as from 6 years of age. Those under 6 travel for free.

Are the SBB Junior Card and SBB Grandchild Card valid?
Yes, these cards for children of 6 to 16 years are valid on all our cruises (except for events and "Festival de Fondues" cruises).

Do you offer discounts for pensioners or students?
No, we do not offer discounts for pensioners or students.

Are subscriptions of public transport (eg Mobilis, unireso) valid?
No, the public transport subscriptions (eg Mobilis unireso) are not valid on our boats..

Are the half-fare and the GA cards valid?
Yes, GA and half-fare cards are valid on all our cruises (except for events and "Festival de Fondues" cruises).

Are CFF 1-day travelpasses and Municipal 1-day travelpasses Cards avalid?
Yes,  1-day travelpasses cards issued by municipalities are valid on all our cruises (except for events and "Festival de Fondues" cruises). They can be obtained from the municipality where you live.

Is the Swiss Travel Pass valid?
Yes, the Swiss Travel Pass is valid on all our cruises (except for events and "Festival de Fondues" cruises). It is intended for tourists from abroad.

What is the CFF half fare?
The Half-Fare allows travel at half price in many transport companies in Switzerland. You can purchase this subscription at our counters in Lausanne and Geneva Mont Blanc.



Does the online purchase of a ticket guarantee a seat on board?
No, buying your ticket online in advance does not guarantee a seat on board as our seats are not numbered.

Is it necessary to print a ticket purchased online?
Yes, it is necessary to print your online ticket in order to present it to one of our controllers on the day of your cruise. The email confirmation is not a ticket. The attachment must be printed on a size A4 white paper.

Is it possible to purchase a ticket that includes the train and the boat?
Yes, it is possible to buy transport tickets from our various sales points. These tickets are also sold at all SBB stations in Switzerland.

Are there any additional costs when buying the ticket directly on the boat?
No, there is no extra charge if the ticket is purchased directly on the boat.

What is the process for purchasing tickets online?
You can buy your ticket at the "Recreation Ideas" and "Schedule" tabs. You can also specify if you want to eat on board. Then you must complete the personal information, the names on the tickets and the payment details.

What payment methods do you accept?
For the online purchase of your ticket, you can pay by Mastercard or Visa. At our counters and on board, we do accept other means of payment: in cash, by credit card (Amex, Diners Club, Visa, Eurocard / Mastercard, JCB, TWINT) or debit card (Maestro, V Pay or Postcard) .

Is payment through credit card secure?
Online payment is totally secure thanks to our partner Saferpay and our European safety standards.

What is the cancellation period when buying tickets online?
According to our terms and conditions for the online purchase of tickets, it is not possible to cancel, except if a medical certificate is presented as justification.

What is the delivery time when ordering a gift card?
We send the gift cards by mail within 2 to 3 working days.



Are dogs allowed on board?
Yes, we do accept dogs on our boats. They pay a half fare 2nd class transit fee and may be carried in first class as well. However, they may travel for free if they are small (up to 30 cm at the withers) and can be transported in a basket or other suitable means.

Is it necessary to have a passport to travel to France?
To enter French territory, Swiss citizens must have a valid identification document (ID card or passport).

Is it possible to board with a bicycles?
Bicycles are not allowed on our cruises bearing the symbol v and as we generally accept a maximum of ten bicycles by boat, you should contact us by email at info@cgn.ch or by phone: +41 (0) 900 929 929 (CHF 0.50/min.). in order to inform our crew. The bicycle transport price is CHF 8.00 (valid for an entire day). 

Are the boats accessible for wheel chairs users?
The wheelchair access is usually possible but it depends on attendance and the size of the boat. Toilets for disabled people are available on all our ships except on "Rhône", "Col-Vert" and "Général-Guisan" boats. We therefore recommend that you contact us by email at pmr@cgn.ch.

Where to find the ticket offices addresses?
All of our ticket offices addresses are on our website under the "access" section.

In case of delays, is it possible to board the next boat?
Yes, your ticket is valid for one day (until 5:00 the next day) at different Timetables.



Do you navigate in poor weather conditions?
Strong winds can cause delays or disruptions however if you are subscribed to our alert system, you will be immediately informed via SMS (for lines N1, N2 and N3 only). Moreover, all information concerning possible cancelations are posted directly on our website.

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