On-board Catering

Our renowned partners put their creativity and know-how at your service to make your reception an unforgettable moment.

Welcome to Café Léman’s table Café Léman's ambition is to be a Swiss restaurant anchored in the traditions of Lake Geneva, serving local products primarily from Lake Geneva and our country. Café Léman wants to be the ambassadors of quality Swiss cuisine and wines and to pay tribute to the service standards of this world-renowned region. Part of the menu has been designed with Marie Robert, a young chef from the Lake Geneva area.
Caviar House, the home of quality It is well known that love begins in the stomach. Our love belongs to our fine caviar as well as our excellent Balik salmon. In addition we supplement our assortment sensibly with high-quality delicatessen products from the best producers in the world. Menu

Beau-Rivage Palace anchors aweigh For 20 years, the chefs of the Beau-Rivage Palace have been bringing their cuisine on the Montreux to offer you the most beautiful invitation to set sail. With the rhythm of Lake Geneva’s waters, the beauty of the Franco-Swiss panorama is even more sublime and a source of delicious memories.
The Little Coffee Shop Whether it's a tasty croissant with a good cup of coffee in the morning, or a gourmet snack during the day, The Little Coffee Shop team is on deck to offer you quality products, quickly and efficiently on our mobility lines and in 2nd class during your cruises.