Belle Epoque Fleet

The only fleet of its type in the world! 

CGN preserves and operates the most prestigious Belle Epoque fleet of the world. Its mission is to preserve this unique heritage.

As such, it strives to renovate and keep these units as close to their original appearance as possible.


A big thank you to the ABVL, the CGN’s main partner in the preservation of the Belle Epoque fleet



Belle Epoque - paddle steamboat

The last paddle steamer built entirely in Switzerland, it is equipped with a unique steam engine with automatic pressure lubrication, requiring covers over the crankshaft and eccentrics. These were originally in metal but were replaced 2011 by a Plexiglas model allowing passengers to see, as on the other boats, the rhythmic movements of the engine. After 3 years of renovation work from 2019 to 2022, the boat Belle Epoque “Rhône” sail once again on Lake Geneva!

  • Commissioned


  • Capacity

    600 pers.

  • Length

    68 m

  • Catering

    200 pers.

  • Power

    850 hp / 625 kW

  • Route


The Captain's recommendation

"Gather around the engine with its Plexiglas protective covers to see the workings of the engine parts lubricated under pressure, an example of the final development in this type of classic propulsion of paddle steamers!"