Belle Epoque Fleet

The only fleet of its type in the world! 

CGN preserves and operates the most prestigious Belle Epoque fleet of the world. Its mission is to preserve this unique heritage.

As such, it strives to renovate and keep these units as close to their original appearance as possible.


A big thank you to the ABVL, the CGN’s main partner in the preservation of the Belle Epoque fleet



Belle Epoque - Diesel-electric paddle boat

The first paddle boat with diesel-electric propulsion was fully and superbly renovated in 2013. Just as its twin ITALIE, it offers all year round, therefore even in winter, Belle Epoque cruises on Lake Geneva. These two boats are CGN’s only pair of identical Belle Epoque boats to survive after the demolition of the GENERAL DUFOUR built in 1905 (twin of the MONTREUX) and the VALAIS built in 1913 (twin of the SAVOIE). It is equipped with the most modern technology in a hull more than a hundred years old, and has an extremely attractive, bright first-class lounge with chestnut marquetry enhanced with chiseled bronze trimmings. On the upper deck, the former "smoking room", separated from the rest of the deck by the smoke stack, was rebuilt to its original state.

  • Commissioned


  • Capacity

    560 pers.

  • Length

    66 m

  • Catering

    150 pers.

  • Power

    2 x 270 kW (electric)

  • Route


The Captain's recommendation

"Don’t miss the beautiful, unique first class lounge with its light-colored marquetry!"

360° upper deck visit


360° Belle Epoque lounge visit