Belle Epoque Fleet

The only fleet of its type in the world! 

CGN preserves and operates the most prestigious Belle Epoque fleet of the world. Its mission is to preserve this unique heritage.

As such, it strives to renovate and keep these units as close to their original appearance as possible.


A big thank you to the ABVL, the CGN’s main partner in the preservation of the Belle Epoque fleet



Belle Epoque - paddle steamboat

Along with the LA SUISSE the largest in the fleet, this great boat impresses by the power and responsiveness of its engine and is the favorite of many "aficionados" who often come from very far away for a cruise on it. It is the first CGN steamboat with the boiler at the rear and the engine at the front, which changes the boat’s silhouette due to the positioning of its smokestack. After two partial renovations in 2005 and 2011, it will still need a last major renovation before 2030. The lounge offers a fine example of neo-classical art with paneling in variegated maple.



The Belle Epoque steamer "Simplon" was badly damaged on the night of Friday 29 to Saturday 30 March 2024, while moored in Cully. It was towed to the CGN shipyard on Saturday 30 March, where it is now safely stored.


  • Commissioned

    1915 - 1920

  • Capacity

    850 pers.

  • Length

    78.5 m

  • Catering

    330 pers.

  • Power

    1400 hp / 1030 kW

  • Route

    Lausanne-Ouchy -  Geneva

the Captain's recommandation

"Don't miss the opportunity to see the rhythmic movements of Europe's most powerful and reactive steam engine!"

360° upper deck visit


360° Belle Epoque lounge visit